1930 - 2s 5d thirteenth step insurance fee (registration fee included) paid for £150 insured value + 5½d third step postage – front of envelope was so full that Valeur Déclarée label had to go on the back!

Information about the postal rates in force is frequently vital for understanding and writing-up covers, but sometimes (or often!) this can be difficult to track down. This section of the website is intended as a general resource for GB collectors, listing as many British postage rates as possible.

Coverage is largely complete for inland rates, overseas surface UPU rates from 1875, and overseas airmail rates from 1947 (excepting some specialised topics such as late fees). It is of course planned to expand this over time with further detail to make this resource as comprehensive as possible.

Naturally, this includes earlier rates to overseas destinations, but these are vast topics in themselves and often of considerably greater complexity than more modern rates. So it's a case of taking things one step at a time.

Assistance is welcomed – indeed solicited! – from any collectors who can make additional rate information available in a suitable format, or offer corrections to data here. Please with details. Errata are noted on the site updates page.