Inland rates counter leaflet, 1975

This section gives a comprehensive overview of the rates in force in the UK for the inland post over the years, and should be enough to answer most questions about the postage rates paid on inland items (excluding modern business services for which the item bears no indication of the rate). It is hoped to expand it over time with further detail to fill in the more obscure rates (especially the situations such as late fees) to make it even more comprehensive.

Assistance is welcomed – indeed solicited – from any collectors who can make additional rate information available in a suitable format or offer advice. Please with details.

Distance Rates to 1840

This section covers the "pre-stamp" rates before the advent of Uniform Penny Postage, with rates dependent on both distance and the number of sheets of paper. It includes a set of notes on how the rates were worked out (in theory and in practice). The "Uniform Fourpenny Post" (which was not actually uniform) is included here.

Background Information

Within-country mails

Cross-border mails

Other mails

Uniform Rates from 1840

This section covers rates from the Uniform Penny Post to the present day. Rates are generally much more straightforward than in the pre-stamp period, and interpretation of an ordinary cover is usually simply a question of noting what weight band was covered by a given rate and allowing for any extra services such as registration.

Letters and Packets


Other Classes of Mail

Secure Handling

Express Services

Priority Services

Miscellaneous Rates