Acts of Parliament relating to the Post Office:
King George I 1714-27

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1 Geo 1 st.2 c.78

An Act to enable His Majesty to grant Letters Patent to supply a Defect in a Grant made by His Majesty King William the Third unto Maynard Duke of Schomberg and Leinster, of the annual Sum of Four thousand Pounds out of the Revenue of the Post Office, until the Sum of One hundred thousand Pounds be paid.

National Debt Act 1716 (c.9)

3 Geo 1 c.9
An Act for redeeming the Duties and Revenues which were settled to pay off Principal and Interest on the Orders made forth on Four Lottery Acts passed in the Ninth and Tenth Years of Her late Majesty's Reign; and for redeeming certain Annuities payable on Orders out of the Hereditary Excise, according to a former Act in that Behalf; and for establishing a General yearly Fund, not only for the future Payment of Annuities, at several Rates, to be payable and transferrable at the Bank of England, and redeemable by Parliament, but also to raise Monies for such Proprietors of the said Orders as shall choose to be paid their Principal and Arrears of Interest in ready Money; and for making good such other Deficiencies and Payments as in this Act are mentioned; and for taking off the Duties on Linseed imported and British Linen exported.

Excise Act 1719

6 Geo 1 c.21
An Act for preventing Frauds and Abuses in the Public Revenues of Excise, Customs, Stamp Duties, Post Office and House Money.