Acts of Parliament relating to the Post Office:
King George V 1910-36

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(16th December 1911)Shops Act 1911

1 & 2 Geo 5 c.54
An Act to amend and extend the Shops Regulation Acts, 1892 to 1904.

(15th August 1913)Post Office Act 1913

3 & 4 Geo 5 c.11
An Act to enable Newspapers published in British Possessions or Protectorates to be registered and be treated as Registered Newspapers under the Post Office Act, 1908.

(15th August 1913)Post Office (London) Railway Act 1913

3 & 4 Geo 5 c.cxvi
An Act to enable the Postmaster-General to construct for the purposes of the Post Office certain underground railways and other works in London and for purposes in connexion with such railways and works.

(6th August 1914)Currency and Bank Notes Act 1914

4 & 5 Geo 5, c.14
An Act to authorise the issue of Currency Notes, and to make provision with respect to the Note Issue of Banks.

(28th October 1915)Post Office and Telegraph Act 1915

5 & 6 Geo 5 c.82
An Act to alter certain statutory limits of Postal and Telegraph Rates; and for purposes connected therewith.

(23rd December 1915)Indictments Act 1915

5 & 6 Geo 5 c.90.
An Act to amend the Law relating to Indictments in Criminal Cases, and matters incidental or similar thereto.

(16th May 1918)Post Office Act 1918

8 & 9 Geo 5 c.10
An Act to alter the statutory limits of Postal Rates.

(16th August 1920)Post Office and Telegraph Act 1920

10 & 11 Geo 5 c.40
An Act to amend the Law with respect to the statutory limits on Postal and Telegraph Rates, and with respect to the remuneration to be paid to railway companies for the conveyance of Postal Parcels, and otherwise to amend the Post Office Acts, 1908 to 1915.

(20th July 1922)Finance Act 1922

12 & 13 Geo 5 c.17
An Act to grant certain Duties of Customs and Inland Revenue (including Excise), to alter other Duties, and to amend the Law relating to Customs and Inland Revenue (including Excise), and the National Debt, and to make further provision in connection with Finance.

(4th August 1922)Post Office (Pneumatic Tubes Acquisition) Act 1922

12 & 13 Geo 5 c.43
An Act to confirm an agreement made between the Pneumatic Despatch Company, Limited, and the Postmaster-General for the acquisition by the Postmaster-General of a certain tube running between St. Martin's-le-Grand in the City of London and Eversholt Street, in the Metropolitan Borough of St. Pancras, and for purposes connected therewith.

(4th August 1922)Post Office (Parcels) Act 1922

12 & 13 Geo 5 c.49
An Act to amend the Law with respect to the Remuneration of Railway Companies for the conveyance of Parcels.

(16th June 1926)Economy (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1926

16 & 17 Geo 5 c.9
An Act to make provision for reducing in respect of certain services the charges on public funds and for increasing, by means of the payment into the Exchequer of certain sums and otherwise, the funds available for meeting such charges, and to amend accordingly the law relating to national health insurance, unemployment insurance, the registration of electors and the holding of elections, education, bankruptcy and companies winding-up fees and certain other fees, and postmarks, and for purposes related or incidental to the matters aforesaid.

(1st August 1930)Road Traffic Act 1930

20 & 21 Geo 5 c.43
An Act to make provision for the regulation of traffic on roads and of motor vehicles and otherwise with respect to roads and vehicles thereon, to make provision for the protection of third parties against risks arising out of the use of motor vehicles and in connection with such protection to amend the Assurance Companies Act, 1909, to amend the law with respect to the powers of local authorities to provide public service vehicles, and for other purposes connected with the matters aforesaid.

One sub-clause (section 104, subsection 3) of this long Act refers back to the Conveyance of Mails Act 1893

(28th March 1935)Post Office (Amendment) Act 1935

25 & 26 Geo 5 c.15
An Act to amend the Post Office Act, 1908, and other enactments relating to the Post Office.