Acts of Parliament relating to the Post Office:
Commonwealth 1649-60 to Queen Anne 1702-14

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Commonwealth, 1649-60

(9th June 1657)Act 1657 c.30

Postage of England, Scotland, and Ireland setled.

King Charles II, 1660-85

The regnal years for Charles II were counted from the execution of Charles I in 1649

(December 1660)Post Office Act 1660

12 Cha 2 c.35
AN ACT for Erecting and Establishing a Post Office.

Customs Act 1662

14 Cha 2 c.11
An Act for preventing Frauds, and regulating Abuses in his Majesty's Customs.

Settlement on Duke of York Act 1663

15 Cha 2 c.14
AN ACT for setling the Proffitts of the Post Office and Power of graunting Wyne Lycences on his Royall Highnes the Duke of Yorke and the Heires Males of his Body.

Post Office Revenues Act 1670

22 & 23 Cha 2 c.27
An Act for explaining of a Proviso conteyned in an Act, entituled An Act for setling the Profitts of ye Post-Office and Power of granteing Wine-Licences on His Royall Highnes ye Duke of Yorke and the Heyres Males of his Body.

King James II, 1685-88

James II of England was James VII of Scotland

Post Office, etc., Revenues Act 1685

1 Ja 2 c.12
An Act for Consolidating the Estates Tail and Reversion in Fee which His Majestie hath in the Post-Office and Twenty foure thousand pounds per Annum of the Hereditary Excise.

King William III and Queen Mary II, 1689-94

William III of England was William II of Scotland,
but Mary was Mary II in both countries

(13th September 1690)1 Will & Mar, s.3 c.3

An Act against robbing of the Packet.

King William III, 1694-1702

William III of England was William II of Scotland

(5th July 1695)7 and 8 Will 2, s.5 c.31

Act anent the post-office.

Queen Anne, 1702-14

Annuity, Duke of Marlborough Act 1706

5 Anne c.4
An Act for settling upon John Duke of Marlborough and his Posterity a Pension of Five thousand Pounds per Annum for the more honourable Support of their Dignities, in like Manner as his Honours and Dignities, and the Honour and Manor of Woodstock and House of Blenheim, are already limited and settled.

(25th November 1710) (Royal Assent 16th May 1711)Post Office (Revenues) Act 1710

9 Anne c.10
An Act for establishing a General Post Office for all Her Majesty's Dominions, and for settling a weekly Sum out of the Revenues thereof for the Service of the War and other Her Majesty's Occasions.