Surnames: B

B. Alan Ltd, 1976 13p Roses with missing value [S] 27(3)60

1981 Butterfly 14p Imperf. [N] 26(3)60

Armada 1988 error [N] 27(3)60

Marginal Phantom [N] 27(2)36

BPT Press Release, General and Special Regulations & Guidelines [R] 37(2)40

Badcock, F. R. 1s Green & Carmine on Piece [N] 33(1)13

Downey Head 1d Die 1b frame break [N] 28(5)100

KEVII rubber stamp overprints [N] 31(5)96

KGV Royal Cypher 2d plate marking [N] 28(3)62

KGV broken pin [N] 28(5)100

KGV broken pins [N] 28(3)63

Royal Cypher 2d coil stamp? [N] 29(4)78

Royal Cypher varieties [N] 30(3)51

Bainbridge, Steve 1988 2 Constant Variety [N] 33(1)19

1d Royal Cypher plates [S] 29(3)58

1d Block Cypher Advert. Pane - Plate Flaw? [S] 48(1)6

A Study of the Fifty Pence Cylinder Booklets [M] 29(5)92

Going Dutch [S] 31(3)55

KEVIII 2d Control Omitted - A New Find [S] 48(4)90

KGV Royal Cypher 1d printing variety [S] 39(2)35

KGV Royal Cypher d -- Plating Notes [L] 34(6)101

KGV Royal Cypher d Plating Notes [L] 36(6)106

KGV Somerset House 6d (SG 426/426a) Plate 9 [M] 50(6)131

KGV broken pins [N] 28(3)63

King George V Notes [M] 39(5)99

Royal Cypher d plate 72 [N] 29(4)79

Baker, Colin H. Edgar Weston [M] 51(1)23

Official Penny Pink Letter Sheet? [S] 52(2)35

Postal Stationery Card Without Arms [S] 36(2)36

Baker, Ian R. Double-ring datestamps with star [N] 30(4)79

Baker, John George V Royal Cypher Sheets with No Watermark [M] 48(1)24

Banwell, Anthony 1854 Die I Alphabet II Plate 156 - Perforated! [N] 23(4)64

Barnes, A. J. QEII Cancelled Panes [N] 25(3)60

Barnes, Austin The Complete Deegam Machin Handbook, 3rd edn [R] 41(6)110

The Dollis Hill Find - An Amplification [M] 52(1)22

Barrell, Bill 'PO/Dept' Overprint on 1864 1d [N] 37(2)37

A 1d Die 2lphabet 2, Plate 18 imperforate - two new examples [S] 43(6)137

Cancelled Booklet [S] 41(1)19

Die 2 Alph. 2 Plates 1-21 Error Imperforate [M] 24(3)34

Imperforate Plate 49 [N] 25(4)79

KGVI 2d variety [N] 29(4)77

Royal Cypher 1d variety [N] 29(4)79

Telegraph 4d Imperf. [N] 37(2)37

The Mary Adshead Archive - 1 [L] 45(1)20

The Mary Adshead Archive - 2 [L] 45(2)38

The Mary Adshead Archive - 3 [M] 45(4)91

Barrell, H. A. A 1d Die Ilph. II Plate 202 SJ [N] 25(4)79

Barstow, H. G. 1841 2d Blue Plate 3 Variety [S] 43(3)60

1d lilac with 'PEARS' SOAP' underprint [N] 44(3)55

Fishing Port Postmarks [S] 44(2)34

QV Stamped-to-Order Postcard [S] 43(3)59

Barton, Ray Liverpool Spoon Cancellation [N] 27(3)58

Sideways Duplex Notes [M] 34(5)96

The Sideways Duplex Cancellation [L] 34(2)22

Bass, J. W. M. 1884 6d 'lilac and green' issue 'SPECIMEN' wmk sideways-inverted [N] 39(4)75

Bater, Gerry KGVI 'Arms' 5s - New 'T' Guides [S] 30(4)74

KGVI 'Festival' Five Shillings [M] 30(5)90

KGVI 1 'Arms' [M] 31(3)48

King George VI 'Arms' High Values [M] 35(1)12

QEII Castles -- overprinting contract [S] 34(2)39

QEII Wilding Definitives Paper [S] 31(5)87

Sorting the QEII 'Castles' [M] 32(5)88

Waterlow Embossed Imprint [S] 33(1)13

Batty, Mike 'Treasury Roulette' Plate 163 [S] 48(1)23

1d Die 1, Plate 20 (SJ): Triple Check Letter 'S' [S] 35(4)80

1d Die 1, Plate 20, SJ: Triple Letter 'S' [S] 50(2)48

1d Rose-red Die 2 Plates 58 and 51 [S] 48(3)62

4d rose-carmine Large Garter earliest date [M] 52(5)100

Additions to the Specialised Groups of the Penny Red Stars [L] 48(1)14

Comments on 1d Plate 77 (2) [M] 48(1)7

Large Crown Type 1 Watermark [M] 46(2)31

Machin Bisect [S] 46(2)35

Penny Black Plate 4 - Variety on JE [N] 37(5)97

Penny Red Die 1, Plate 79, Stamp HI [N] 35(2)40

Penny Red Stars Used Abroad: A Plating Record [L] 49(4)73

Penny Red Stars Used Abroad: A Plating Record (update) [L] 50(2)25

Re-use of Line-Engraved Plates [C] 39(6)114

Re-use of Line-Engraved Plates? [M] 38(1)18

Repeated Double Perforation [M] 43(4)88

Revision of the One Penny, Die 2, Transitional Period [M] 40(6)114

SG Spec. C12 Plate 51 'Used in Jamaica'? [N] 48(1)6

The Plating of the Penny [N] 46(2)36

Beard, J. M. Who paid the deficiency? [N] 32(1)20

Beaver, Revd Christopher M. London Mailcoaches [L] 41(2)26

Beech, D. R. Printing presses at Perkins, Bacon & Petch -- a Puzzle [S] 34(3)60

Revenue Material in the British Library [N] 32(2)40

Beer, Burkhart 1858 2d Plate 7 Variety [N] 33(1)19

Bellew, Tony KGV Block Cypher d Booklet Pane with Watermark Sideways-Inverted [N] 37(2)38

Bendon, James One Shilling Green and Carmine on Cover [N] 23(4)64

Billen, Ludo Curious 'used' stamps [S] 36(1)16

Billinghurst, Keith PUC stapled booklet [N] 28(5)101

PUC twopence-halfpenny printing variety [N] 28(5)101

PUC d Frame Break [N] 24(3)48

Bingham, Albert 1d Red Perf. Variety [N] 21(3)39

1d Rose-Red Plate 60 [N] 21(3)38

Surface Printed 4d Flaw [N] 21(4)56

Bird, Bill Certificates [S] 45(4)95

Bird, W. P. 1841 1d Plate 25 [N] 22(2)23

3d Telegraph inverted watermark [N] 33(2)40

Donald Forbes-Smith [S] 39(5)83

Essential Guide to the Great Britain Line Engraved 1d and 2d Stars [R] 38(3)59

GB Telegraphs [S] 26(2)31

KEVII 2s 6d inverted watermark [N] 33(2)40

KGV Downey Head d Die 2, Watermark Crown, 'Scales' variety [N] 37(2)38

KGV Photogravure 1d variety [N] 33(2)40

KGV Royal Cypher d, 'Break in Oval' variety [N] 37(2)38

KGV Silver Jubilee 2d variety [N] 33(2)40

New Mulready Advertisements [M] 37(2)28

Protective Overprints and Underprints [S] 31(5)89

QV 5d Jubilee Die 1, plate flaw [S] 36(6)111

SG Specialised Catalogue, Vol. 1, 12th edn, 2001 [R] 39(5)98

Telegraph 3d Plate 3, Watermark Spray Inverted [N] 37(2)37

The Essential Guide to the Great Britain Line Engraved 1d and 2d Stars [R] 39(4)80

Bishop, Colin The Commemoration Budget Letter Card [N] 37(5)99

Blank, M. J. M. Victorian varieties [N] 28(5)101

Boas, Cliff One Penny Red Imperforate, Plate 13 [M] 27(2)32

Bohn, John Mulready Caricatures Fall Foul of FIP Rules [L] 38(5)81

Bolzan, Dr J. A. 2/6 Seahorse Re-entry [N] 25(1)7

J51 Wmk Inverted and Reversed [N] 24(2)22

Jacob Perkins, Inventor [M] 23(5)74

Philatelic Biography of Charles Frederick Beale [L] 26(3)48

Simple Cypher Watermarks [L] 25(1)4

Stamp JJ, Plate 106 [N] 26(4)76

William Clowes, Printer [M] 27(3)42

Bonello, Carmel 4d rose-carmine Large Garter earliest date [M] 52(5)100

Boyden, Peter B. Tommy Atkins's Letters [L] 25(4)69

Brauers, Theo 1883 Ninepence Green on Cover [M] 39(5)87

Scarcity of Surface Printed Issues on Cover [M] 38(6)115

Survival Rate of Victorian Stamps on Cover [M] 52(4)73

The 1883/84 High Values on Cover [L] 40(4)61

Brookfield, Don KGVI Varieties [M] 36(6)103

Registered Printed Matter [M] 52(5)102

Brooks, Dr Michael A01 Cancellation [M] 34(6)110

Alan M. Gilbert, FRPSL [S] 34(3)47

Ally Sloper Follow-up [M] 34(2)32

An Update on the Pin (Plug) Flaws [L] 32(2)21

Charles Dickens Testimonial Label [L] 29(3)52

Charles Dickens labels [S] 34(2)39

KEVII Penny Plate 58 [M] 29(1)2

Research material found in RPS vault [S] 30(1)17

The KEVII Penny No Watermark (SG 272a) [M] 27(5)81

Brown, Frank KEVII 2d Tablet Flaw [N] 22(2)24

Brown, Ken Registered Printed Matter [S] 52(5)101

Brown, Ken S. A 'Cut-Out' Stationery Question [M] 50(6)128

Bullock, G. Printers' Samples [N] 21(1)13

Bundock, Brian KGV Royal Cypher penny - new plate markings [N] 27(3)59

New Halfpenny Photogravure Perf. Type [N] 26(5)98

Burgess, Timothy Bryan A Newly-discovered Prince Consort Essay in Red-Brown, Perf. 16 [M] 46(5)106

Prince Consort Essay in Red-Brown, Perf. 16 - Correction [C] 46(6)142

The Distribution of Archer-Perforated Stamps: A Deliberate Experiment [M] 47(2)47

The Prince Consort Essay Revisited [L] 44(4)89

The Prince Consort Essay in Red-Brown Perforated 16 [M] 45(1)10

Burn, John Plate Numbers on Cover [S] 48(6)137

Buxton, Maurice 'Passed by BPA' [L] 49(3)59

Two Unusual Late Fee Items [L] 52(6)138

Bygate, Janet KGVI 3d Cylinder 21 no dot/Control L42 [S] 43(2)39