Surnames: M

MacArthur, Ian KEVII 1d Plate 58 - the Missing Control [N] 33(4)74

KEVII 1d perf. type [N] 36(1)17

KGV Royal Cypher d plate flaw [N] 35(4)80

OUS overprint query [N] 35(4)80

Machin specialists, SG Specialised Vol. 4 -- A Critical Review [R] 26(4)62

Madden, Don 1855 1d Reserve Plates R18, R19 & R20 [L] 34(4)67

Crown Watermarked Paper Used From 1855 to 1879 [L] 30(3)42

A Die IIlphabet III, C7 discovery: Plate 31 [N] 35(3)60

Editor's Amendments to Penny Red Stars, Part 2, KA-TL by G. C. Tonna [M] 35(3)56

Emergency Printings after the Fire at Perkins, Bacon [L] 41(3)41

Large Crown Watermarks: Types I and II [S] 29(3)51

Late Use of the Die II Plate 53 One Penny [S] 34(6)113

One Penny Die II Alphabet III: the Rare Plate 53 [L] 32(3)41

Perforation Varieties of the Die II Alphabet III One Penny [M] 30(2)21

Perforation varieties on the Penny Red [S] 31(2)40

Reversed Large Crown Watermarks [M] 35(5)81

Semi-Spoiled Sheets [M] 42(4)74

The Fate of Spoilt Sheets [M] 42(5)108

The Rare Plate 53 [M] 33(5)87

Treasury Roulette Mystery [M] 31(1)11

Two More Imprimaturs from Plate 53 [S] 35(2)21

Victorian Reams [M] 42(3)62

Watermark of Line-Engraved Die 1 Stamps [M] 34(1)1

Mahon, Denis 1d Die 2 Plate 64 - A Lucky Find [S] 51(4)73

Correction [C] 47(2)30

Mark, Graham 1940 Stamp Centenary Miniature Sheet [S] 38(3)47

1d Block Cypher Double Print [N] 25(4)80

Airmail Etiquettes [S] 40(1)14

Airmail to Jersey 1936? [S] 31(5)90

Constant varieties in Block Cypher controls [N] 35(1)20

Downey Head Halfpenny Die 1a Perf. 14 (SG 323a/SG Spec. N1b) [L] 31(1)15

Handling Registered Mail at the Liverpool Censor's Office in WWI [M] 52(6)135

Irish Redirected Cover - Route Taken [C] 40(1)14

KGV Cancelling Lines [L] 36(4)72

KGV Photogravure 1d Printed on the Gummed Side [M] 38(1)7

KGV Royal Cypher 'Currency Paper' [M] 34(1)19

KGV Varieties [M] 24(3)40

Letters in Duplicate [L] 52(3)58

Railway Express Service [S] 29(4)76

Royal Cypher 1d - Control K 18 [N] 31(5)96

Royal Cypher d - new plate marking [N] 30(5)94

The 'Half-Crown' Priority Letter Scheme of WWI [L] 51(4)91

The Invalidation or Demonetisation of Postage Stamps [S] 40(3)50

The KGV Mystery Tramlines [S] 30(2)30

The Last Week of Postage Due Adhesives, January 2000 [M] 39(3)58

United Kingdom Letter Rates - Inland and Overseas - 1635 to 1900 [R] 42(2)32

Use of 9d King George V Stamps - 2 [M] 45(1)2

Mark, Hans van der KGV Photogravure variety [S] 34(2)38

Maskrey, Peter A 1d Die 1, Plate 66D - 'D over A' [S] 43(5)97

2d Blue Plate 4 'P' Flaw [M] 44(2)32

2d Blue Plate 4 - 'P' Flaw [S] 43(5)102

Massier, Jerold M. GB Used in Monaco [M] 30(4)72

Maunder, Kevin 1d Die 1 lettered JK, Plate 148? [S] 43(6)136

1d Die 1, Plate 5, Provisional Printing: Stamp GB, State 2, in Black [M] 51(2)33

Amendments and Corrections to the Cataloguing of Plate 5 Repairs [C] 51(6)137

The Cataloguing of 1d Die 1, Plate 5 Repairs [M] 51(2)35

The Plating of the Penny [N] 46(2)36

The Plating of the Penny - Mulready Group Update of Volume 4 [L] 49(6)121

The Plating of the Penny - Mulready Group Update of Volume 5 [M] 51(6)134

Maushammer, Bob QV 1d Jubilee Frame Damage [S] 51(6)126

Maushammer, Robert J. 6d Lilac Variety [N] 25(4)79

A New KGVI Arms 2s 6d Green Re-entry? [M] 44(4)83

Hybrid Large Crown Watermark Paper: Two New Discoveries [M] 42(4)84

Large Crown Watermark: Types I and II on C10-13 [L] 43(1)19

Missing Perforation Holes on Penny Reds [M] 31(2)31

QV Jubilee 4d - Varieties on the Left-side 'C' Pane Stamps [L] 35(3)47

QV Jubilee 5d Variety [S] 32(4)80

Seahorses: More Bradbury, Wilkinson 5s Varieties [M] 46(3)71

Surface printed watermark varieties and survival rates in general [S] 29(1)18

The Bradbury, Wilkinson 2s 6d Seahorses [L] 39(1)2

Varieties on the QV Jubilee 2d [M] 37(5)82

Mayne, John The 'A01' Cancellation Used on Togo Mail [M] 40(3)60

McBride, Ken A Tale of Prussian Blues [M] 43(1)5

Cyprus or Cypress? [M] 42(6)132

Helping to Identify KEVII Coated Papers [M] 50(5)106

SG Specialised Catalogue, Vol. 2, 12th edn [R] 43(6)139

McCann, Peter 1883/1884 High Values on Revenue (Blued) Paper [L] 49(5)97

A New Destination for the 1s Orange-Brown Watermark Spray (SG 151)? [M] 52(4)90

A Study of 500 Covers with Embossed Postage Stamps 1847-1864 [L] 51(2)25

Earliest Known Use of the 1876 4d Vermilion [S] 49(4)91

Possible First Sunday (10 May 1840) Penny Black Entire [M] 47(1)22

McCulloch, John A. Using the Fisher-Brown Plating Gauge with a Computer [M] 40(3)53

McGill, Steve KGV Shades [S] 39(4)76

McLennan-Smith, A. J51 Wmk Inverted and Reversed [N] 24(5)78

Meir, Andrew M. QV 1s Green Emblems Watermark Reversed and Misplaced [N] 33(4)73

Melrose, Dr W. M. The 'A01' Cancellation [M] 34(4)76

Melrose, Max Exported on Drawback [M] 43(4)87

Halfpenny Pink Downey Head Cut-Outs [M] 51(1)21

Jersey Postmark [S] 46(1)8

KGV 7d on Express Cover [M] 45(1)13

Parcel Post Privy Council Licence [S] 45(1)3

Messenger, W. de L. M. 1d Red, Die 2, Plate 32, FL - Can You Explain? [M] 41(4)64

1d Red, Die II, Plate 56 [N] 30(3)58

Alphabet 5 Penny Plates [L] 35(4)62

Alphabet 5 Penny Plates - correction [C] 36(1)18

Corrigenda [C] 33(5)100

Current Numbers [L] 37(2)30

Day and Night Work - A Postscript [M] 37(3)60

Did Anything Happen in 1867? [S] 29(2)31

A Die 2lphabet 3, Plate 22 [M] 41(2)21

Early Line-Engraved Stamps - Day and Night Work [M] 33(5)99

Imperforate Stamps and Neale's Steam Press Experiment [M] 26(5)95

KGV Photogravure Sizes [L] 37(4)64

KGV Photogravure Sizes - Corrigenda [C] 37(5)100

Line Engraved 2d Plates 1 & 2, Production and Delivery - a Postscript [S] 34(5)88

Line-Engraved 1d Die II Plates 67 and R17 [S] 28(1)20

Line-Engraved 2d Plates 1 and 2 -- Production and Delivery [L] 34(4)61

More on Neale's Steam Press Experiment [S] 27(2)34

Neale's Steam Press [C] 38(6)114

Neale's Steam Press Experiment 1854-1856 [L] 38(5)92

A One Penny Die IIlphabet III: Plate 53 [S] 32(5)81

One Penny Official, Plate A [M] 33(1)14

Penny Black: Numbers Printed and Numbers Issued [S] 33(4)76

Penny Lilac - 'inverted' control letter X [N] 33(4)72

Penny Red Plate Numbers - the Repair to Plate 193 [C] 36(4)80

Perkins, Bacon's Plate Series Numbers [S] 27(5)83

Photogravure Sizes - Further Observations [M] 38(1)4

Plates in Reserve [L] 36(1)5

Plating the Line-Engraved stamps [N] 35(2)40

Printing presses at Perkins, Bacon & Petch -- a Puzzle [S] 34(2)40

Prussiate of Potash [M] 42(6)136

QV Line-Engraved Plates: Withdrawal and Defacement [L] 36(5)91

Re-used Line-Engraved Plates [M] 39(3)41

Rose Pink [M] 42(5)94

Shades of 1d red 'stars' - a cri de coeur [S] 30(2)22

Some Further Thoughts on LCI and LCII Watermarks and on Plating [M] 43(2)25

Spoilage Rates of QV Line-Engraved Stamps [S] 25(5)82

The Beaufort House Printing [S] 40(6)101

The First Paper Contract for Line-Engraved Stamps [L] 41(4)71

The First Paper Contract for QV Line-Engraved Stamps [M] 41(2)23

The steel engraving plates for the 1d Black and 2d Blue [S] 30(1)18

Toned Paper [N] 43(1)12

What was Rose Pink? [M] 42(4)78

Women in the Post Office [S] 34(1)18

Miller, Jerry H. From Hill to Bickerdike: The Experimental and Early Machine Postmarks [L] 43(5)103

Millson, Gordon A Look at Missent Mail [M] 26(2)35

Missent to Ryde [N] 26(5)99

Mitchell, E. J. Numbers in Maltese Cross - a '6' or a '9'? [M] 38(2)39

Mollett, Peter Large Crown Watermark Reversed [M] 39(1)18

Overprinted Halfpenny Stamps of the Office of Works Department [L] 37(4)61

Moorcroft, Alan British Censorship of Civil Mails during World War I 1914-19 [R] 39(1)20

KGV Cancelling Lines [L] 36(4)72

KGV Experimental Paper 1924 [L] 37(6)112

Moran, Mike KGVI 1d booklet pane [N] 29(3)43

One Shilling SG 101 - early date [N] 29(4)77

The 3d Rate [N] 32(2)40

Morgan, Glenn H. QEII ink sample proofs [S] 34(4)80

Morton, W. L. Balfours & Co. Ltd Postage Stamp and Stamped Post Card Machine [S] 21(3)31

Mottram, J. T. Variety on SG Spec. C10 Plate 59 PL [S] 41(2)37

Moubray, Jane A Chinese Penny to Pay [N] 26(3)59

More on Postal Rates [N] 26(3)60

Muir, Douglas Downey Head Printed Offset [L] 46(2)25

Muir, Douglas N. 1839 Treasury Competition Essay at Phillips [S] 37(1)11

StampMaster - GB Database [M] 32(4)65

Cyprus Green? [S] 39(5)81

Demonetisation of Obsolete Stamps [L] 40(4)71

Edward VIII and his Essays [M] 23(6)93

Returned from the Dead Letter Office [C] 28(4)81

Seahorse Experimental Plate: New Discoveries [L] 48(3)49

What is an Essay? [N] 33(4)75

Murray, Peter KEVIII 2s 6d To Pay [N] 21(4)56

Photogravure Phantoms [N] 21(5)62

Murton, Bob More on Vaccination Certificates [S] 33(1)11

Privately Manufactured Letter Cards [S] 32(5)90

Musry, Alan A Question of Numbers [M] 43(1)8

Air Mail Panes in British Stamp Booklets [L] 52(4)82

Coloured Advertisements in British Stamp Booklets [L] 51(3)49

Wilding Booklet Discovery [S] 41(1)19

Myall, Douglas The 4p Machin Colour Mystery [L] 40(6)108