Surnames: C

Caesley, Edward H. Edgar Weston [M] 51(1)23

Cafetzoglou, George A Favourite Cover [M] 50(1)19

Calver, Gerald 1844 1d Red-Brown Plate 49, TF [M] 41(5)108

A Remarkable Coincidence [M] 43(3)65

Candlish, Ross 1d Block Cypher CANCELLED Type 28 [N] 29(3)42

1d Royal Cypher Variety [N] 25(5)87

1d Silver Jubilee Varieties [N] 26(1)20

Downey Head 1d Die 2 Frame Break [N] 26(5)99

Downey Head d Die 1b variety [N] 29(4)78

KGV Silver Jubilee 1d variety [N] 30(2)35

KGV missing perforation hole [N] 31(2)40

National Insurance Stamp Essay [N] 27(2)26

Cassell, Robin Fake (?) Red No. 5 in Maltese Cross [M] 42(1)19

Turned Envelope with Red and Black Maltese Crosses [M] 44(4)88

Chadwick, Peter 1890 Souvenir Album and an Abnormal Anomaly [N] 24(4)62

Archer-Perforated Stamps: Statistical Analysis [S] 52(4)75

Definition of 'Abnormal' [S] 29(4)76

Numeral Chargemark Handstamps of the British Posts to 1850 [S] 30(2)28

Surface Printed Bisects [M] 29(4)74

Survival rates of Victorian stamps [S] 29(2)39

The 'L4' Late Fee Mark [S] 41(1)13

Champion, R. H. Newspaper Tax Stamps [M] 22(1)2

Chandler, John Newspaper Notes [L] 21(5)57

The Numeral '116' Cancellation [S] 25(1)19

Chappell, Andrew 1d Reds with Red Maltese Crosses - New 'Discoveries' [L] 45(2)42

Chappell, G. 1d red plate 165 [N] 29(2)38

Paper thickness of the 1d red C9s [N] 27(1)13

SG Spec. C1, Plate 155 [N] 33(1)18

Stamp AJ, Plate 37 [N] 26(4)76

Cheetham, Phil The Post Magazine Address Panel and its Decorative Borders [L] 52(3)49

Child, Tony QV Varieties [N] 25(5)87

Claridge, Andrew 'Haste Post Haste' [S] 43(2)40

'Shaida' Seahorses [M] 31(1)12

1841 1d Pink Envelope - First Day Cover [M] 47(5)97

2d Part-Imperforate [S] 43(3)60

Early Use of the Black Maltese Cross [L] 42(3)49

Penny Black Plate 3 Block of 42 [L] 42(3)58

Reverse Proof Mystery [M] 44(5)114

Clark, Graham 'Jack' KGV Photogravure 1d booklet stamp variety [N] 35(3)57

Clark, Jack Harrison Roll Testing Labels with Perfins [S] 43(5)102

KGV Photogravure Advertisement Booklet Panes from BB17 edition 305 [M] 41(4)61

King Edward VIII - Stamps from Booklets [L] 42(5)101

King Edward VIII - stapled booklets [C] 44(4)87

King George V d 'New Moon' Flaw [L] 42(2)25

The 'Transposed Advert' - SG Spec. NB27(15a) [M] 45(6)122

Clarke, Tim The Famous Plate 77 [L] 48(2)42

Clayton, Howard A King Edward VII 1d Flaw [S] 50(2)47

Cohen, Stanley F. Curious 'used' stamps [S] 36(1)16

Early Express Cover [M] 34(6)114

Squared Circle Postmarks of Bath [M] 24(4)56

Squared Circle Postmarks of Bolton [L] 34(3)41

Compton, R. C. E. 2d Mulreadys with 'Numbers in Maltese Cross' [A] 32(2)40

Advertisements on the Mulready 1d Envelope and 2d Letter Sheet [M] 33(5)92

Mulreadys to Overseas Destinations [L] 36(2)28

Cook, Barrie Overprinted Great Britain Stamps used in the United Kingdom [M] 45(4)73

Cooter, John E. QEII Booklet Varieties [S] 33(1)12

Court, John Mystery essays [S] 36(6)110

Courtis, Dr John K. 'London' Handstamp Reveals 'B. F. Stevens' [M] 51(2)38

Courtis, John 'Poste-haste; Post-haste; Post-haste; Delyver these' [M] 51(6)136

Courtis, John K. Spurious Portsmouth Ship Letter Marking [L] 50(6)123

Cranmer, John KGV Royal Cypher halfpenny plate marking [N] 28(3)63

Measurement of Shades - 1 [M] 39(2)28

Crookes, V. B. 9d Lilac and Green Forgeries [N] 27(3)59

Cunliffe, Derrick Mystery Labels on a Registered Cover [M] 30(4)80

Penny Lilac Bisected [S] 33(1)8

Returned Letter Office [S] 28(5)104

Currie, Vic Measurement of Shades - 2 [M] 39(2)29

Measuring KGV Shades using a Colorimeter [M] 38(6)105

Shades [S] 39(3)51

Curtis, John Varieties of the 1d Venetian Red [L] 50(1)1

Varieties of the 1d Venetian Red, Part 2 [M] 50(3)58