Surnames: L

Lajer, Andrew 1853 Government Trial Perforation Variety Imperf. Between [N] 37(5)99

1903 Striking Book proof for booklets [N] 35(1)20

1988 Christmas, Eror of Value [S] 37(6)117

Downey Head 1d variety [N] 27(2)36

KGV Photogravure 1d Booklet Stamp Variety [N] 37(5)100

The 'L4' Late Fee Mark [M] 41(5)106

Lajer, Andrew G. Downey Head Booklet Stamp Variety [S] 46(6)136

King Edward VII 1s Die Proof of Frame [S] 43(2)27

The 'L4' Late Fee Mark [M] 46(6)135

Langmead, Peter An Introduction to the Telegraph Stamps of Great Britain [L] 25(5)84

Universal Private Telegraph Company Specimens [N] 25(3)60

Latto, Dr Douglas A Misperforated QV 4d [N] 25(4)79

Charging More or Less for Booklets [M] 32(1)16

Imperforate 2d Jubilee [M] 25(1)14

Penny Lilac Bisected [M] 33(1)5

QV Surface Printed Die Proofs with Pencilled Numbers [M] 32(4)70

Romance of British Postage Stamps [S] 25(3)50

The Romance of British Postage Stamps [M] 23(1)13

Lawrence, A. A. King Edward VII -- Flaw on the 7d Value [S] 34(3)58

Lawrence, Sam Army Telegraph Stamps [L] 39(4)67

Booklet Perforation [M] 24(5)70

KGVI Booklet Panes of Two [S] 22(1)8

KGVI and QEII Booklet Panes of Two [M] 21(1)14

Lundy Island Telegraph Creations [M] 43(3)72

Mutilation of Postage Stamps for the Pre-payment of Telegrams [L] 38(1)10

Notes on Booklet Trials and Dummy Stamps [M] 26(3)56

Private Letter Cards [N] 33(4)74

QEII Booklet Panes Overprinted 'CANCELLED' [M] 25(2)29

Leathart, David Specimen and Cancelled Stamps [L] 51(3)56

The Mystery of the Horseshoe Specimen [M] 50(1)22

Leivers, Dr David One Penny Die II, Plate 53 [S] 32(4)72

Possible Re-Use of Line-Engraved Plates [S] 39(2)22

The Final Repair of 2d Blue Plate 8 [L] 46(4)89

Were Line-Engraved Plates Re-used? [L] 37(1)1

Leslie Wilkinson, Cyprus Green? [S] 42(6)137

Levett, John Detoured Mail as a Result of the Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871 [M] 27(5)92

Message from the Outgoing President [E] 29(1)1

Lewis, Meirion London Inland Section Numberless '1844' Cancellations [M] 40(1)12

Lewis, Meirion F. 10d Jubilee Issue with Distorted Lower Ornament [S] 41(1)18

Barred Oval 'Trial Cancellations' [M] 43(5)119

Lewthwaite, David 1841 1d Plate 171, SJ [S] 43(3)59

1841 1d red-brown Plate 10 with Inverted Watermark [S] 39(4)70

Barred Numeral Cancellation 373 on the 1841 1d [M] 46(2)38

Imperforate Plate 186, TB [S] 45(1)5

Line-Engraved Notes [M] 43(2)42

Plating of the Penny 1840-64 [S] 27(5)96

The Plating of the Penny [M] 46(2)37

Little, I. R. Liverpool spoon cancellations [N] 27(4)74

Livingstone, Brian Why 'Heraldically' Incorrect? [M] 48(6)150

Lockton, Michael Advertising Rings [M] 44(2)30

Official Penny Pink Letter Sheet [M] 51(5)97

Postal Stationery 'Cut-Outs' [L] 50(5)108

Lockton, Michael H. 'S'-in-circle postmark [N] 27(4)74

3d Rate and Penny Pinks [M] 31(4)78

Advertising Rings - A New Find? [L] 40(6)104

Airmail Etiquettes [M] 38(1)14

Early Private Letter Cards [M] 30(2)37

Evolution of British Stamped Postcards and Letter Cards [R] 23(6)92

Fourpence Late Fee [L] 46(3)64

John Levett [M] 46(4)96

Machin Postal History [L] 39(2)23

Numbered Maltese Crosses [M] 35(1)10

Penny Pink Letter Sheets [L] 38(2)33

Penny Pinks: the Date of Issue [M] 26(5)93

Postal Stationery of Great Britain [R] 23(6)92

The First Express Post Label [M] 29(1)20

Vaccination Certificates [M] 32(5)96

Louis, Karl 'Circle over M' Flaw confirmed on 1865 4d Plate 11 [M] 45(4)82

10d Jubilee Issue [N] 41(2)24

1855 6d Lilac - An Unusual Perforation [M] 34(1)14

1857 2d, Plate 6: Repaired Impression SL [M] 32(5)94

1865 4d Vermilion Variety [M] 36(5)83

1883 2s 6d - early date [S] 45(4)83

2d Mulreadys with 'Numbers in Maltese Cross' [S] 32(1)20

A new find of an 1862 3d Rose Abnormal Plate 3 [M] 45(1)11

A01 cancellation [N] 35(2)37

Curious 'Used' Stamps [M] 35(3)52

Early Use of Penny Black Plate 1b [N] 40(1)15

Emblems Watermark Errors: a New Discovery [M] 33(4)76

I. R. Taylor Letter Sheet - a Fifth Example [N] 37(5)97

Mixed Numbers in Maltese Crosses [S] 35(1)11

More on the Demonetisation of Obsolete Stamps [M] 40(4)80

Numbers in Maltese Crosses [S] 34(6)117

One Penny Die 2, Plate 53, SF [S] 33(1)18

One Shilling Green and Carmine of 1900 with inverted GOVT. PARCELS [L] 43(4)80

Penny Black Plate 1b Mint Blocks [M] 43(1)1

Rare Surface Printed Stamps on Cover: The LH-FL Error [M] 43(2)46

Red Maltese Crosses on 1d reds [M] 45(4)94

States of the 2d Blue [M] 50(6)121

Surface Printed Postage Stamps 1855-1883, Corrections and Additions [L] 50(4)86

The Truro Crown Cancellation [M] 46(6)139

Transitional Shades Identified as Beaufort House Printings? [M] 41(1)1

Twopence Plate 6 -- Two States of 'SL' [S] 25(3)49

VR Official Trial Cancel in Red [M] 48(2)40

Loveland, Ray 'Green' Phosphor Booklets [M] 25(4)75

1937 Coronation Stamp - control letters [S] 33(6)111

Graphite Line Booklets [M] 25(3)44

Lowe, A. J. Some GB Stamp Booklets [L] 22(3)43

Lowe, Robson House of Stamps Forgeries [M] 32(5)82

The Plater's Supper of 1928 [N] 28(1)17

Lush, John World's First Postcodes? [L] 21(4)46

Lyon, Pat 1940 Centenary Exhibition Miniature Sheets [M] 38(2)38

Lyon, Patricia 'Broken pins' on Alphabet III stamps [N] 30(4)79

Marginal line on Plate 204 [N] 35(2)39

Marginal lines on Line-Engraved sheets - correction [C] 36(1)16